Here’s the key to social media marketing for real estate agents and LOs

Social Media for Real Estate

A clue: Find one good piece of content and break it down.

Most real estate and mortgage professionals agree that creating content and using social media is vital to reaching customers and referral partners in today’s market.

As important as it is, many of them still find it overwhelming. Social media is often romanticized as a magic bullet, and when the luster wears off and the work begins, many are left frustrated.

I get a lot of feedback about the frustration that comes from not knowing what kind of content to create, finding the time to create it, and deciding what or where to post it. All of these obstacles can be overcome by first creating one larger piece of content called pillar content.

Pillar content is simply one larger piece of content, typically about something you’re interested in or has a main message you are trying to share, that can be broken down or re-purposed into smaller pieces of micro content that can be shared across many social platforms.

The example I share most often is my own podcast. Last year I started the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast with the main message of helping mortgage and real estate professionals build an effective and efficient mortgage business.

I interview industry experts who share marketing and lead generation tips, as well as insights on where the industry is going. I record these 30-45 minute interviews in a video conference, and this becomes my pillar content.

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